The entrance in which you can fight ( Lv. 120 or above only ).

Wendigomon (Boss)Edit

As of the current update, Wendigomon (Boss) is the 2nd hardest boss in Digimon Aurity. It is a not so fairly simple boss, and is almost like the GeoGreymon (Boss).


Wendigomon (Boss) is located in the Mountain Fortress in the Desert, which means that only people higher than level 120 can fight this boss. The entrance to the Mountain Fortress is easily distinguishable from the other Desert entrances, since it is a dark grey color. Once you enter the Mountain Fortress, just head straight until you reach the Throne Room entrance, where the boss fight finally begins.

Attack StrategyEdit

Wendigomon (Boss) during the fight, will digivolve into two different forms, with different attacks, Antlyamon, and Cherubimon.

As Wendigomon, the boss starts off with 8000 HP, and attacks with a ranged attack like Demidevimon's, using the same shape and size of it's Evil Whisper, except that Wendigmon's attack is stronger. Then, if you do not kill it as a Wendigomon, it will evolve into Antlyamon.

As Antlyamon, the boss gains 10000 HP, and only does a melee twister attack, which will destroy most attacks that are coming his way as it uses the attack. When it's health is low, it uses a healing move that heals around 500 HP every time it is used.

As Cherubimon, the boss gains 15000 HP, and attacks with a 3 shot attack, which deals a lot of damage, even to a high level player. Unlike Antlyamon, it now doesn't heal, however occasionally, it sends black pillars from the ground to hit you, and summons a lightning strike. Once killed, it drops great loot, like 3 Million EXP, some Black Gears, some Virus Chips, and sometimes Dark Spirals and the CherubiEgg.


As a Wendigomon, it's pretty easy to dodge it's attacks, but if you find Wendigomon hard, just keep a far distance away and attack. When it becomes an Antlyamon, you should definitely keep your distance and used ranged attacks over melee attacks like Great Horn, Dramon Killer, or Mega Claw. Finally, when it becomes a Cherubimon, I prefer that it's easier to use a KingChessmon to fight it since when it uses it's Pillars/Lightning, or you get hurt a lot, it won't be any problem, since you can damage it more. Also, if you're not a King, or just need health, degenerate to your lowest form and head to a safe non-fighting place, and eat some restorative items, and digivolve back to what you were before.