How to teleport with statues?Edit

As you can see in the game, there is almost a statue of a digimon in every main areas, but what do they do and how do you use them? In this page you will learn everything about it!

the statues are actually some spawn points that you can use, in order to use it you will have to click on the statue you want to spawn at. it is very useful when you are killing kimeramon. after you click on the statue you want to spawn at, reset and press choose as you always do but this time, you also have to click a red button on the left of the screen and turn it into saying "spawn point ON" after that choose any digimon and it will spawn at the last point you chose, it even saves next time you play! if you just want to spawn at the normal point, just click the red button in CHOOSE again and it should be "spawn point OFF"

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