This is an evolution of pawnchessmon come check out what I put out so far.

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This is a standard digimon but don't underestimate it just yet it's not just made of all soft pillows, it's made out of armor. You unlock it on level 40 and its name is KnightChessmon the evolution of pawnchessmon. It's a strong digimon, just because it only has three attacks doesn't mean it's weak. The three attacks are called KnightLancer, GallopeWhole and last but not least BigDart.

Where To Find KnightChessmonEdit

Sorry, you can't find this digimon
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but you can find its previous form that digivolves into this at level 40 just like the last one PawnChessmon you can get this one in the panel well its previous form but remember you need five gears in-order to unlock this digimon.

KnightChessmon's Attack DefinitionsEdit

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KnightLancer, the attack being shown at the right does exactly 50 damage. The attack looks like a grey 3D oval circling your spear and charges at the direction it was used.

GallopeWhole, Is a strong move that does 65 damage total but this move is different, once this move hits somebody it makes the victim fall down repeatedly for about a minute and twenty seconds.

BigDart, the highest attack of all its attacks it does an astonishing 70 damage! Also its a ranged attack so you can hit someone across the room with this powerful attack you will be unstoppable and  not literally Figuratively but you get the point... its strong.


RookChessmon- RookChessmon

QueenChessmon- QueenChessmon

Previous FormsEdit

Pawnchessmon- PawnChessmon