Kimeramon has a total of 8000 health and turns "angry" when at least half health. When kimeramon's angry you're guaranteed to take some massive damage, as in it's angry stage it moves around a lot more than before and releases crimson energy, similar to GeoGreymon's, except with MUCH more power and much higher radius. Kimeramon has a 1/11 chance to drop it's egg and otherwise drops Virus Chips, Black Gears, and Trade Crystals.


Kimeramon is located in the Ice Palace within the Ice Cavern.


you Stay near it

If you have Pichimon and you get killed, you can spawn as Pichimon and continue the fight.

If possible, bring a Candlemon in order to paralyze Kimeramon to prevent him from moving too much when Angry. If he can't move when he's angry, he can't hurt you. Seadramon can freeze, but it's only a chance. Candlemon can guarantee a paralyze.

It also helps to have a good friend or someone you know to to attack him with you, that way you can make a strategy and don't worry about having to deal with it on your own if you don't want to.

After the battle.Edit

If Kimeramon drops it's Egg, you can either:

  1. Sell it in the Ice Palace for 300 Cash
  2. Attempt to incubate Kimeramon at the City Incubators.