GeoGreymon (Boss)Edit



GeoGreymon is the first boss to be in Aurity. It is currently the 2nd easiest boss to be dealt with in the game. Once defeated in the proper manner, it will drop an Agumon [Merc] Egg.


Entrance to Geogreymon

Entrance to Geogreymon's arena.

GeoGreymon is located in the Oasis, accessible through the Desert. The entrance is located near the NPC Frigimon vendor that buys Agumon [Merc] Eggs for 100 Cash. It is also near the entrance of Mountain Fortress.


GeoGreymon starts off with 5000 health. It then degenerates into its previous form, Agumon [Merc], after some time when its health is in Yellow (Medium) stage. Agumon [Merc] has 2000 health and like previously it degenerates into Koromon. Koromon has 450 health. This will continue till it hits its Fresh stage, which is Botamon. Botamon has 300 health. If it is defeated, it will drop a single black gear and a shower of Exp. In addition, if it is defeated in its Botamon stage, it will drop an Agumon [Merc] egg with a 100% chance of drop.


In all stages, it attacks using its generic move, Pepperbreath. It deals a reasonable damage and its range is limited. Occasionally, it will exert a spherical crimson energy blast in a certain radius. This blast deals a whooping damage, even enough to make high leveled players fall back.


When fighting, always keep a distance from it and use long range attacks. It is always a good idea to set your spawn point in the desert as it will help you a lot if you somehow died while fighting.


When you obtain the egg, you can either sell it to the Greymon near the entrance of the Oasis and Mountian Fortress or you can hatch it or you can trade the egg with other players. In order to hatch it you have to go to the Egg Hatchers (Incubators) in the back of the city, and meet the requirements for certain items.