This is a list of all the Event DLOL posted so far.

Blue Tentomon - This digimon is obtainable by joining the Digimon Aurity group.

Jyarimon - This digimon is an old event. It was obtainable by killing someone who was a Guilmon. When they die, they had a 1/10 chance to drop the Egg, which means that whoever collected it could become Jyarimon through the Events Tab.

Bakomon- Available in the 2017 christmas event for 1000 peppermint bark (brought back)

Diamond Botamon - Confirmed by Squirtleteer1, it has been deleted out of the game, it is no longer useable, or aquireable and the old way to get one was to be in a rookie tournament that was hosted by a Mod.R.I.P DBota.

Findable DigimonEdit

There are also digimon who aren't events and can be found. Here they are.

Sunmon - it drops from sunmon in the dessert

PawnChessmon White & Black - in the mega update you have to kill it in deadwood castle

Pabumon - This digimon is found in the Jungle, on a tree next to a nest on the large group of trees. in the mega update kill the boss in the grass area

Pichimon - ThisDigimon is found in the Ice Cavern, trapped inside the ice blocks. You must use fire-based attacks to melt the ice. in the mega update you have to kill it in the ice castle

Dodomon - This digimon can be aquired out in the open in the Forest. It is in front of the Waterfall.

Mokumon - This digimon can be found floating somewhere in the temple.

MetalKoromon - This digimon can be obtained by paying the Hagururumon in the Lab 225 Cash.

Frigimon - You can buy this digimon with 1000 Ice Shards in the Ice Palace. You can buy it from the Frigimon Stand. In Mega Update:Buy it at Ice Spawn with 5000 money.

ToyAgumon - This one is a bit hard to find as it's very small. It is a small Agumon made out of lego bricks in the City, next to a tree.(Currently Unavailable)

Bokomon- A 5% percent to get him, Hunt in palmon eggs in order to find him. Hes no longer available in the mega update

Palmon- Inside palmon eggs, Keep planting until you get a green sparkling plant. If its sparkling green, you will find bokomon OR this guy :) in the mega update kill him in the grass area