Due to some sad troll i managed to bring back the information for everyone else

How to Get:

Go to Deadwood Castle off of the desert, then once your at the castle look on the wall to your left or ri. You should see a Purchase Unlocker sign, as well as the needed requirements. However, to buy the Unlocker, you will need 10 Dark Spirals, 20 Virus Chips, 50 Black Gears, 75 Obsidan Chips, 3,000 Cash (you can sell Black Gears/Dark Spirals to get the cash),100 Red cubes. and finally 500 Ice Shards.

In the new 2017 update, you just need 10000 cash to buy one unlocker.

There are also three more Bursts:

Omnimon [one of the rarest bursts to get]



and two bursts from raids

KingEtemon (desert raid)

VenomMyotismon (city raid)

the levels for all burst mode are under here from lowest to highest

Rosemon BM lvl 260

chaosdramon lvl 265

GigaSeaDramon lvl 300

ZeedGarurumon lvl 300

VictoryGreymon lvl 300

TyrantKabuterimon lvl 300

shinegreymon burst mode/ruin mode lvl 300

VenomMyotismon lvl 350

KingEtemon lvl 350

AncientTroiamon lvl 350

omnimon lvl 350

omnimon zwart lvl 400