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Almost all of the chessmon family. (Ignore the seadramon)

Black ChessmonEdit

The guide for all you need too know about Black Chessmon.

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Where To Find

Black Chessmon's destination is in the back of the city in what looks like the generator house. Look at the back of the Generator house and you will see a panel saying "Open panel" once you see that click "Open Panel" then you will see the panel.

What You Need For ChessmonEdit

Be sure you have what you need for Black Chessmon You will be needing 5 gears for this Chessmon it's worth it trust me. It has some pretty strong attacks you can be using for what ever the situation is.

What The Panels Look LikeEdit

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      This is what the panel things look like the first picture is how you see the panel until you click "Open Panel"

The second picture shows someone about too buy the Chessmon for 5 gears.

How Much Damage It DoesEdit

Pawn Buckler- Does Around 30 damage

Pawn Spear- Does 40 Damage

Pawn Lightning- Does 35 Damage (Or about that much)


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